As a niche ghostwriting firm, we are dedicated to serving Christian leaders and helping them share their faith-driven messages with the world. To ensure our authors have access to the best resources, we seek partnerships with like-minded publishing companies. That’s why we proudly align ourselves with Christian Faith Publishing, the largest Christian-focused publisher in North America. Their commitment to excellence and their comprehensive suite of publishing services are unparalleled in the industry. By connecting our authors with Christian Faith Publishing, we ensure that their books receive the utmost care and expertise, ultimately helping them reach a broader audience and fulfill their mission of spreading the message of faith.

Who is Christian Faith Publishing

Christian Faith Publishing (CFP) is committed to partnering with motivated authors who aspire to make the greatest impact imaginable via the written word.

They understand that every book is a labor of love and requires great care and attention throughout the publishing process. They also know that publishing a book is often a completely new and possibly overwhelming experience for an author. For this reason, they provide each of their authors with their own Publication Specialist who will provide guidance through every stage of the process while giving useful tips and advice along the way. It is CFP’s mission to provide every author a chance to have their message heard.

What CFP Provides:

Design and eBook Conversion

CFP will format and transform your manuscript into a high quality finished book, complete with a custom cover design and page layout.  They will also convert your publication into an eBook format that will be available on all major platforms.

Distribution and Royalty Management

Christian Faith Publishing has established a partnership with Ingram, one of the world’s largest book distributors. This collaboration enables our authors to make their works available through Christian retail distribution, as well as in traditional and secular retail stores and online sales outlets, both nationally and internationally.

Publicity and Press Release Distribution

CFP will create a custom web page for the Author and host it on their website. This page shall contain Author’s cover art, a synopsis of Author’s book, and direct links to the purchase page of digital platforms offering Author’s book for sale so that viewers may easily purchase the Work.

CFP’s publicity team will also create a custom press release that will be sent by a premier third‐party newswire firm to a targeted priority list of media including local, regional, and national print, broadcast, and online sources.