Our Ghostwriting Process

Step 1

The early months in ghostwriting are crucial, as they lay the project’s foundation. Authors and ghostwriters build a strong collaboration, shaping the book’s direction through a story summary and outline. Writing Chapter 1 is a key milestone, introducing the story’s style and tone. The eventual outcome of these initial efforts is the successful completion of the first third of the book. This achievement signifies a significant step towards bringing the author’s vision to life. It provides a tangible product that both the author and the ghostwriter can evaluate and refine.

Step 2

In the upcoming months of the ghostwriting process, the majority of the writing takes center stage. With the groundwork established, the ghostwriter focuses on crafting the second third of the book, working closely with the author to review, refine, and incorporate any additional content that may have been initially overlooked. Once the author approves this phase, the ghostwriter proceeds to finalize the remaining content, including the back cover blurb and “about the author” sections, ensuring a comprehensive and polished manuscript ready for publication.

Step 3

With the formidable task of crafting a professional and finely polished manuscript now complete, it’s time to transition into the exciting realm of the publishing process. At this stage, the author witnesses the words on the page come to life as a book. Trinity will seamlessly transfer the completed manuscript to Christian Faith Publishing (CFP) for typesetting, as well as for the creation of a custom cover design.  CFP will then work its magic, converting all book files into eBook and print editions. These formatted versions will be seamlessly uploaded for print distribution through major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail stores, while also being distributed as eBooks across platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, ensuring that the author’s work reaches a wide and eager readership.
The award-winning professionals at Trinity Books will then work with you to turn your finished manuscript into a beautifully crafted book that will expand your testimony and glorify your Christian mission.