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Who We Are

Trinity Books is a full-service Christian book publisher. Here at Trinity Books we understand that your work is more than a book. It is your passion, your dream and is a legacy. Trinity Books looks to publish books with Christian morals, inspirational themes and values. To us, your work is essential in the espousal of faith-based and moralistic literature; which is why we are a “Partner Publisher”. We partner with our authors to provide them with freedom and flexibility throughout the publishing process. By publishing with Trinity Books our authors ensure their titles are associated with a publishing company that shares in their Christian values.

Why Trinity Books

-Professional book editing standards and practices
-Professional design teams
-Digital and physical book distribution to over 35,000 retail outlets
-Remarkable author friendly royalty structure
-Individualized personal assistance through each step of the publishing process
-Unique PR campaigns
-100% rights to your book and print ready files
-High Quality printed books